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d Weasley She punctuated every word with a blow Ron backed away, shielding his head as Hermione advanced. You crawl back here after weeks and weeks oh, where s CISA Certification it exam my CISA Certification wand She looked as though ready to wrestle it out of Harry s hands and he reacted instinctively. Isaca Certification Protego The invisible shield erupted between Ron and Hermione. The force of it knocked her backward onto the floor. Spitting hair out of her mouth, she lept up again. Hermione said Harry. Calm I will not calm down she screamed. Never before had h.e seen her lose control like this she looked quite demented. Give me back my wand Give it back to me Hermione, will you please Don t you tell me what do, Harry Potter she screeched. Don t you dare Give it back now And YOU She was pointing at Ron in dire accusation It was like a malediction, and Harry could not blame Ron for retreating several steps. I cam running after you I called you I begged you to come back I know, Ron said, Hermione, I m sorry, I m really Oh, you re sorry She laughed a high pitched, out of control sound Ron looked at Harry for help, but Harry merely grimaced his helplessness. You came back after weeks weeks and you think it s all going to be all right if you just say sorry Well, what else can I say Ron shouted, and Harry was glad that Ron was fighting back. Oh, I don t know yelled Hermione with awful sarcasm. Rack your brains, Ron, that should only take a couple of seconds Hermione, interjected Harry, who considered this

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CGEIT Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT Isaca CISA Certification
CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor Isaca CISA Certification

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